Who we are

We are two designers from Munich – passionate about conscious fashion and good design. Next to our Studio for Graphic-Design we have the little shop with our collection of finest cashmere garments.

It's our vision to offer fair trade products in best quality with a fresh design –

contemporary classics to keep as long as they hug you warm like a friend.


We work with yarns which come from a reputable spinner
who processes only the finest Mongolian cashmere.
The fibres are taken from the softest part of the goat’s coat:
the underfleece on the belly and neck, also known as the ‘duvet’.
At 35-40 mm in length and 0.0145 mm in diameter,
they make the best-quality yarns, which are long-lasting
and much more resistant to pilling.


The yarns are knitted in a small
workshop in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Set up sixteen years ago by a wonderful woman,
this little operation offers excellent
working conditions for the fifteen women it employs.

Every piece is unique and our styles are produced in very low numbers.