This Fall/Winter collection was inspired by the origin of our cashmere yarns, Mongolian nature and culture - the natural colors of the steppe, the wide skies, the fir forests, as well as the influence of the vibrant and colorful traditional costume.

In these times of upheaval it is especially important to be connected to one‘s roots, to nature, to the other and at the same time feel a confident and strong self – your origin.


This season again we integrate exclusively undyed and untreated cashmere, that is processed into fine yarn directly after the goats have been combed out.

In this undyed state, it is particularly soft and of the highest quality, showing unique velvety shades between grey and beige.

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To help you maintain your favorites, we now offer a professional CARE SERVICE, to keep your cashmere products beautiful and make them long lasting. Also we developed cashmere care products in cooperation with Speick Naturkosmetik for the best care at home. Check out our new CARE SECTION online. We believe in never ending stories!