STUDIO 163 was founded in 2016 by Barbara Klara Giandomenico. Passionate about unique design and conscious fashion, the designer’s maxim is to offer finest cashmere pieces, produced fair trade, in best quality. The looks are favorite pieces with classic potential, which at the same time, reflect the fashionable zeitgeist. Defined by the brand’s strong simplistic signature design with attention to detail and refined color palettes, the collections cover men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, accessories and leather pieces.

Working with a small family-owned atelier in Mongolia, STUDIO 163 uses exclusively 100% finest wool from the Mongolian cashmere goats for the delicate knitted garments, which are obtained, spun and processed under the highest quality standards. All woven fabrics and accessories pieces are made of natural materials like silk, organza, muslin or leather, sourced and manufactured in Germany. Barbara Klara Giandomenico’s understanding of sustainability goes far beyond the process of material extraction, this is why certified manufacturer partners, transparent production and the highest Oeko-Tex standards are just as much a matter to her as fair working conditions.